Donnovan "Z" Zimmer



Int: 7 Ref: 10 Tech: 5 Cool: 9 Attr: 7 Luck: 6 MA: 9 Body: 9 Emp: 8/3

Skills: Combat Sense: 5 Resist Torture/Drugs: 3 Streetwise: 3 Human Perception: 3 Awareness/Notice: 7 Shadow/Track: 3 Athletics: 4 Dodge & Escape: 2 Driving: 3 Katana: 7 Handgun: 7 Jeet Kun Do: 8 Melee: 5 Pilot(Vert. Thrust Vehicle): 2 Rifle: 4 Stealth: 6 Submachinegun: 4 First Aid: 2 Weaponsmith: 4

Cybernetics of note: Biomonitor: +2 Resist torture/drugs Speedware: +3 Initiative Adrenal Booster: +1 Ref for 1D6+2 turns 3x per day Nasal Filters 70% effective Nanosurgeons 2x healing rate Cyberoptic® Targeting Scope +1 to hit w/ smartgun Teleoptics 20x telescope Ultraviolet Anti-dazzle Cyberaudio® Amplified Hearing +1 Awareness/Notice for audio Radio link Phone splice Wolvers (L hand)


Donnovan’s father was a high ranking member of a crime syndicate in NYC. At the age of 5, his mother, Jessica, took him and fled, attempting to give her son a better life. Unfortunately, Donnovan’s father is not the kind of man to let someone take anything from him, even if he doesn’t really want it. So his father had Donnovan and his mother hunted down. Donnovan and his mom were able to stay hidden for quite a few years, but that changed when he was 10. Jessica was shot down by the two men his father had sent, but Donnovan was able to escape with the help of an elderly neighbor, Mrs. Carmichael, who hid him until it was safe. She sent him to live with her niece, Debbie, in Night City. Unfortunately, for Donnovan, Debbie was a drug addict and not the best surrogate or role-model. Donnovan kept his head down though and his nose clean for the most part, dodging booster gangs and growing up to be a fairly normal kid. At 17, he befriended a young boosterganger when he saved him from a pack of rival gangers. They became good friends, and Donnovan knows he can always call on him for help, and visa versa. At 18, Donnovan became friends with a local Fixer. Not to give away the ending, but this fixer later became the Corp we all known and love. At 20, looking for a way off the streets, Donnovan joined the Marines. He served several tours in different S. American conflicts, losing both his right eye and ear in his final tour. Donnovan returned to Night City to find work and was able to hook back up with his old friend the Corp. Now Donnovan is a company man, working for Militech.

Donnovan "Z" Zimmer

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